Our Story

We are Charlie and Rob, the founders of Challenge Finder. And boy do we love a challenge. Not content with triathlons, obstacle course races and ultra-marathons, Charlie even took on Channel 4’s SAS Who Dares Wins!

Like so many good ideas, Challenge Finder was hatched over a couple of beers. Unlike those other good ideas, these beers came immediately after the Mont Blanc Marathon. Physically exhausted, but buzzing with the sense of adventure and achievement, we thought, if only there was a place...

A home for all challengers, whatever their level. One platform to help you find any event, from 5k runs to Ironmans and everything in between. A place to store past, present and future challenges. A community of like-minded friends, old and new, who encourage and inspire one another.

Challenge Finder

The first version of Challenge Finder was released in February 2015. Later that year we enlisted the help of a group of successful entrepreneurs to beef up the team and help us raise some cash – Andy, a triathlete, Chris, a cyclist and Joe, a runner. We knew we could count on their expertise and experience. And we figured that being a lot younger than them, we could beat them in a race if we needed to! We got a developer on board, Robin, whose Strava data convinced us he was the man for the job!

Together we have built Challenge Finder into what you see today. And we’re not finished yet. Like all good challengers, we never stop, we strive to surpass ourselves in effort and achievement every single day of the year, and we won’t stop until Challenge Finder is the number one destination for everyone who lives for that Finish Line Feeling.

Our Mission

To us, challenging yourself isn't about a number, or a time. It's not reserved for the young, old, first timers or seasoned pros. To us, challenges are about your unique journey, the lows, the highs, and the people you meet along the way. We want to help as many people experience them as possible.

Our Promise

We understand the ups and the downs, the obstacles and the milestones, because we've been there. And we'll be there to egg you on when you can't be bothered, to high five you when you're being too modest. We’ll be there as you complete your challenge and help you enjoy that finish line feeling.

Your Help

A bit like an obstacle course race or trying to get out of your wetsuit, it’s so much easier with a little help from your friends! We want to make Challenge Finder the best resource in the industry, and we need your help to do it.

We need you to sign up and join our community. We need you to enter challenges and add them to your profile. To write reviews, tell us what events we’re missing, connect with one another, leave your times and excuses when you complete challenges, and keep coming back when it’s time to search for a new one.

We built Challenge Finder for you – and we want you to use and enjoy it on your way to that finish line! We’ll be there waiting with a muddy high five, a sweaty hug and a smile…